Am I crazy?!

<p>In the January 11 edition of the Boston Globe I was struck by the unbelievable level of irony posed by a pair of articles.  The first article, <font color="#ffff00">&quot;4 fired at CBS for report on Bush&quot;</font>, discusses how four high-level CBS employees were fired for their handling of the 60 Minutes piece concerning George W. Bush's service record.  The second article, <font color="#ffff00">&quot;Despite false claim, his star rises&quot;</font> discusses how <font color="#ffff00">Robert G. Joseph</font> insisted that Bush make the claim that Saddam Hussein was seeking uranium for nuclear weapons, and now he is likely to become undersecretary of state for arms control and international security.  </p><p>The irony stems from the consequences of each group/person's laxity of fact checking.  In the case of Joseph, tens of thousands of innocent lives have been lost and hundreds of billions of dollars squandered as a result of the war with Iraq, so he is being promoted.  In the case of CBS, their journalistic integrity has suffered, but Bush was still reelected, and they are being fired.</p>

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