Scare tactics again!?

<p>Here we go again.  The Bush administration is trying to use scare tactics to rally people behind his Social Security privatization scheme:</p><p><a title="Scare tactics" href="">Democrats and AARP officials say the administration is using fear tactics to push through a program that they say will benefit only private investment banks -- to the tune of $2 trillion. Bob Jackson, AARP's North Carolina state director, said his organization is gearing up for &quot;the fight of our lives.&quot;</a> <font color="#00cc66">*</font></p><p>Somehow the Bush administration convinced many of the American people that Iraq posed a threat to <strong>OUR </strong>safety.  Saddam was clearly a threat to the Iraqi people, but I believe many Americans feared for their own safety by erroneously associating Iraq with 9/11/01.   Please do not fall for his latest campaign of disinformation.</p><p><sup><font color="#00cc66">* If you are asked to login in - simply delete your cookies to view the article without login.</font></sup></p>

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