WorldCom in the media

<p><span class="date">January 6, 2005</span> · <a href=""><font color="#ffffff">NPR's Madeleine Brand</font></a> talks to Tess Vigeland of <i>Marketplace</i> about the latest turn in the WorldCom accounting scandal. Ten former WorldCom board members reportedly have agreed to pay millions of dollars <strong><font color="#ffff00">out of their own pockets</font></strong> to settle some pending lawsuits.</p><p>Using the phrase, &quot; out of their own pockets&quot;,  has a similar effect as saying &quot;out of the goodness of their hearts&quot;.  The money was effectively stolen from employees and investors, so a phrase reflecting that should be used.  For example, I would say WorldCom board members are agreeing to repay some small portion of investors' money.<!-- end center column --><!-- start resources in center column --><noindex /></p>

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