Affirmative Action for Conservatives?

<p>(Please note David Horowitz changed his web site shortly after this posting was made)</p><p>Is it me, or is there something particularly hypocritical when those who most vocally oppose affirmative action to help reverse historical (and current) discrimination against racial minorities and women call for affirmative action in political party representation on campuses?  According to David Horowitz''s web site, <a href="">Students for Academic Freedom</a>, one of the primary concerns is that there are too few conservatives on campus.  To further support my contention that the web site overly emphasizes faculty political party affiliation as proof of bias, students are invited to participate in &quot;research&quot; of faculty bias at the link entitled, <a href="">&quot;How to Research Faculty Bias&quot;.</a>  This link directs students to create a spread sheet of faculty members and their political party from voter registration lists, and to submit these spreadsheets to <a href=""></a>.  So, the rabid attack-dog conservatism has progressed to such a level that academics should feel that voting in the democratic party is something that we must defend.   Citizens of the U.S. are proud of their freedom of expression, yet this feels fascist to me!</p><p>One more thing:  The name of the David Horowitz's web site (Students for Academic Freedom) suggests that it is driven by students, when in fact it is not.  The result of this makes David's extensive quoting of himself appear a little less biased (emphasis on little).   </p>

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