Cry-baby Conservatives on attack in Academia

<p>In the April 4th issue of the Nation Russell Jacoby's article, <em><a href="">The New PC, Crybaby Conservatives</a></em>, discusses the latest assault on free speech by conservative groups.  Conservatives are alleging that campuses are not giving equitable representation to conservative ideas and that conservative students are claiming to be harassed by academics because of their conservative perspectives.   People like David Horowitz are transforming the notion of academic freedom to stifle left and liberal points of view through his organization, <a href="">Students for Academic Freedom</a>.  </p><p>The damage that such movements cause is to encourage students to refuse to participate in various elements of courses such as reading requirements or viewing films.  Based on the experience of my colleagues, students have claimed that certain books or films may offend their religious views, and therefore they should be exempt from such material.  Of course, this will serve to water-down the content of classes if we need to exempt students based on their potentially being offended.  The role of academia is not to be comfortable, but to expand students' horizons.  The process of expanding one's thinking can be uncomfortable, so protecting students in this manner is a severe disservice.</p>

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