Iraqi Elections

<p>So a mere $300 Billion to fund massive destruction, <a href="">tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis dead</a>, <a href="">around 1500 US military</a> and hundreds of the coalition-of-the-willing dead, and what has the US involvement wrought in Iraq?   Bringing about another religious state in the region?  At least the Iraqi people told Bush what they thought of his influence by voting for the US backed party of Iyad Allawi by a mere 14%, and supporting the Shiite, United Iraqi Alliance, by 48%.</p><p>There is a silver lining to this horrific quagmire.  According to Naomi Klein in her column &quot;<a href="">Getting the Purple Finger</a>&quot;, the platform of the United Iraqi Alliance calls for a time table for US withdrawal, calls for the state to provide all able Iraqis with jobs,  and to use oil wealth for economic development projects.  Sorry, Cheny you better pack up <a href="">Halliburton and find another counry to plunder</a>.  Hopefully, soon you won't have the US tax-payers' money to line your pockets with. </p>

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