Summers is criticized by other university presidents

<p>In their recent editorial, &quot;<a href="">Women and science: the real issue</a>&quot; John Hennessey, computer scientist and president of Stanford University,  Susan Hockfield neuroscientist and president of MIT, and Shirley Tilghman molecular geneticist and president of Princeton University criticized <a href="">Lawrence Summers sexist remarks</a> at a conference titled, &quot;Diversifying the Science and Engineering Workforce: Women, Underrepresented Minorities and their S. and E. careers&quot;.</p><p>Given the long-history of discriminatory treatment of women scientists, male-oriented research paradigms as chronicled brilliantly in &quot;<a href="">The Gendered Atom</a>&quot;, I guess it's easier to blame the victim and be done with it.  </p>

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