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Welcome to my web site.  My web site is dedicated to exploring the wonders of NH.  I call this image, "Dreaming of NH". Dreaming of NH

This site will showcase three regions of the White Mountains in terms of recommended hikes.  The hikes will be categorized as easy, moderate and difficult.  Other topics will also include hiking safety and what to bring for backpacking.   I plan to provide useful feedback on trail conditions and other aspects of hikes such as views and water accessibility (don't forget to filter your water!).

One of my favorite hikes is Mt Washington.  There are many trails  to ascend the mountain.  My favorite trail is the Tuckerman Ravine trail.  The Jewel trail is a good one to hike if you like to ascend from a different side of the Mountain and possibly take the Cog Railway down the mountain.  However, on busy days  it may be difficult to find an empty seat going down the mountain.

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