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"I've got nothing to hide."?

Posted in Civil Liberties on December 19, 2005 by estiller

What Me Worry!When U.S. citizens are asked about elements of the USA Patriot Act, such as library records being subpoenaed or domestic wiretaps, they often respond that they have nothing to hide. Today, I have nothing to hide either, and yet I guard my civil rights jealously, especially in the face of recent allegations that George W. Bush gave the NSA permission to place secret, warrant less wiretaps on US citizens. The point is that although we may not feel that our current government requires overthrow because it is not working in the best interest of the people today, tomorrow may be a completely different story. Are we willing to bet our future and the future of generations to come that we will never have a corrupt government? I hope not! We found it necessary during our revolutionary war. The people of Nazi Germany had thrown their civil rights away, and for many, opposing the government meant death. A healthy society requires a balance of power, so we must act to maintain our power as a citizenry. Like the old saying goes, "opportunity makes the thief". Let us not tempt anyone!