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Yet another no bid contract for Haliburton

Posted in Industry watch on September 18, 2005 by Blog Admin

<font size="2"><font size="2"><font size="2"><p>While traveling in Wyoming during the summer of 2004, I caught a couple television commercials about Halliburton. Through these I discovered that one of Halliburton’s special services is to feed people, like our soldiers, in extreme environments like Iraq.  Given that Halliburton is suspected of <a href="">overcharging the American taxpayer $61 million</a>,  it seems as though it would have been an appropriate gesture if Halliburton had used this expertise to help bring food and water to the people of New Orleans when they needed it (for free!).  <font size="2">But of course not, Halliburton is not interested in serving this country, they are interested in making as much money as possible. </font></p><font size="2"><p>Surprise, surprise <a href="">Halliburton is once again the recipient of a no bid contract by the Bush administration</a> to provide repairs in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Although George W. Bush fumbled the ball by appointing incompetent cronies to head FEMA, like Mike Brown (&quot;heck of a job Browny&quot;), that won't stop him from continuing to grease the palms of his supporters.</p><p>For more sleazy connections please check this out:</p><p><a href=""></a></p><p /></font></font></font></font>