Hate crime in Santa Fe

Bravo to <a href="http://www.queerday.com/2005/mar/07/300_attend_candlelight_vigil_for_james_maestas.html">Governor Richardson</a> for speaking out forcefully against the <a href="http://www.freenewmexican.com/news/11159.html">brutal gay-bashing</a> that occurred Feb 27 in Santa Fe New Mexico, and for applying New Mexico's <a href="http://www.adl.org/learn/news/Mexico_hate_law.asp">new hate crime law</a> for the first time to this incident.   This horrific event was not extensively reported.  I heard a report on <a href="http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=4529292">NPR covering the incident</a> by Angela Taylor, but nothing on other mainstream news sources.  Such hate-crimes must be loudly and publicly condemned. 

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