More Media Payola

<p>Apparently the Bush administration is taking literally the idea of selling its policies to  the American people by targeting key pundits and bribing them for their support.  Columnist Mike McManus is the latest to be found out.  <a href="">According to CNN</a>, <font color="#ffff00">&quot;<strong><font size="2">The Department of Health and Human Services said Friday that a third conservative columnist was paid to assist in promoting a Bush administration policy.&quot;</font></strong></font>  McManus joins <a href="">Armstrong Williams</a> and <a href="">Maggie Gallagher </a>as pundits receiving administration payola.</p><p>Personally, I can think of better ways to spend tax-payer money than bribing columnists.  How about putting some money behind your &quot;No Child Left Behind&quot; initiative, rather than paying Armstrong Williams nearly a quarter-million dollars to support his flawed policy.</p>

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